Random Woodworks is a small handmade woodworking and fine handmade furniture shop located thirteen miles outside Philadelphia. I build custom wood furniture, rustic handmade furniture, handmade shaker furniture, specialty handmade wood product pieces as well as wood-turnings of a wide variety of aesthetic and functional handmade wood crafts.

My handcrafted furniture pieces are built with native and sustainable hardwoods and are, for the most part, Shaker inspired. I love the back to basics classic simple lines that grew out of utility, and extend that admiration to all of my handmade shaker furniture works. Specifically; I make tables, chairs, benches, stools, desks, bureaus, and beds. Moreover, though I offer custom work to most all and any customer specifications, my specialty handmade furniture and woodworking pieces are shelves, bookcases, breadboxes, wood boxes and cutting boards. Overall, as an established woodworker and wood turner, I like to keep it interesting and try new things in my work.

My handmade wood craft including my woodturning takes in furniture parts such as legs and knobs along with bowls, candlestick holders, mallets for the kitchen or shop, plates, platters, small lidded boxes, handmade wood boxes, artful accent pieces and the like. As new projects take shape I will post updated pictures on the news page.

In my handcrafted furniture, I use traditional joinery in my hand cut dovetails and mortise and tenon joints. My pieces do not come off the “production line” but instead are hand worked and built to last. As opposed to “factory furniture” that typically needs to get replaced often I strive to create furniture that is beautiful and well built that will be a pleasure to live with for generations to come. In my finishing I use an oil/varnish mix that is hand rubbed on most of the pieces I make that is soft and pleasurable to the touch.

Luke Cabanel